Pompeo Mariani, beside being a famous painter was also an important collector, from the archive and inventory of his collection (today owned by the Foundation) we can count more than twenty thousand objects of various kinds; unfortunately it is not possible to list each of them, we just limit to the most important ones:

The Madeleine By Gianpietrino, Virgin with Child Jesus attributed to Gherardo Dellenotti, Portrait of notary by Gustave Courbet, Dancer by Edgar Degas, engravings by Francisco Goya, by Tiepolo, Rembrant, study on anatomy by Jean Louis David, important sculptures of 19th century artists among whom Grandi, Butti, Alberti, Secchi, Pandiani.

It is really important the gold and silver collection of tobacconist articles dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries together with some jewels by Cartier and Tiffany.

His remarkable financial condition, owing to the ever growing sales of his works, allowed him to take part at important transactions of ancient objects of the period, among these the sale of Edgar Degas atelier in Paris.

Pompeo Mariani Foundation is carrying out a careful activity of archiving of the objects owned by the artist, both still present and lost after his death.